The Role Of Energy Healing In Modern Counselling

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In a world with an advanced understanding of psychological techniques, it sometimes feels as though ancient practices are forgotten. However, there are strong arguments to suggest that energy healing has its place in the counselling world. As a holistic approach, it can be used as a standalone therapy or alongside conventional techniques.

Understanding Energy Healing

Energy healing works on the basis that every person possesses an energy or life force. When something disturbs the energy, it can result in emotional harm and may make it difficult to regulate mood. Using spiritual healing techniques, it's possible to channel or restore the energy. With a stronger life force, those who require counselling may have an easier time healing themselves.

A Complementary Practice

Energy healing therapy is most often a complementary practice as far as modern counselling goes. It isn't intended to replace other counselling techniques. Rather, it acts as an adjunct that makes counselling more effective. As an additional layer of intervention, it's especially useful if you want to take a spiritual approach to your healing process.

Use in Trauma Recovery

One area where spiritual healing proves especially useful is trauma recovery. Suffering from trauma, whether it's emotional or physical, can result in significant energy imbalances. Approaches like body attunement therapy can restore those imbalances. Once a person's energy is restored, they may be more likely to make progress with the counselling they're using. They might also feel more resilient, making it easier for them to tackle life's everyday challenges.

Processing Loss

Many people seek therapy as they're processing some form of loss. That loss may come from someone dying, the breakdown of a relationship, or a similar event. When big losses happen, it isn't unusual to experience emotional turmoil that therapy alone cannot tackle easily. Using spiritual healing is a good way to address energy imbalances. With a greater energy balance, it's possible to feel stronger when discussing the painful topics that come with experiencing a loss. Energy healing can facilitate recovery from even the most profound losses.

The fusion of energy healing and modern counselling is a positive step forward for anybody who takes a spiritual approach to life. Counsellors who offer energy healing won't abandon their traditional approach, but they will offer a new recovery tool to their clients. If energy healing therapy is something that interests you, start by finding a counsellor who offers it and explore whether it's appropriate for your current journey.

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